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Blue Carbon Condition Index and Tool for Fiji (B-CABONI)

  • Award: Direct Funded Project Award
  • Theme: Oceans & Climate
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Code: OSO/23/DF/006

Blue Carbon Condition Index and Tool for Fiji (B-CABONI)

B-CABONI is a pilot initiative to quantify the condition and stability of Fiji’s blue carbon pool and develop a robust monitoring tool capable of assessing the condition of a range of blue carbon ecosystems (mangroves forests and seagrass meadows) that is tailored to Fiji’s needs and requirements. Notable knowledge gaps exist on the true carbon pool as mangrove sediment depth and seagrass extent are yet to be fully quantified. Building on existing research, B-CABONI will provide additional mapping and carbon quantification capabilities that explore blue carbon reserves holistically rather than in isolation (i.e., mangrove forests and seagrass meadows mapped together). The data and knowledge generated will serve as a critical evidentiary foundation for monitoring Fiji’s blue carbon reserves. The tool and maps developed under B-CABONI have the potential for broader applicability across SIDS.
This 18-month project represents an ambitious, pragmatic, and results-oriented approach toward achieving its objectives:
1. Quantify extent, depth, and condition of the blue carbon stores within and across the different coastal and marine ecosystems across Viti Levu (Fiji’s largest island).
2. Determine sediment accumulation rate and the impact of climate and anthropogenic events on carbon sequestration and storage through time.
3. Develop a semi-quantitative Blue Carbon Condition Index (BCCI) and corresponding Blue Carbon Condition Tool (BCCT) that determines the ecological condition of the wetlands by assessing a gradient of conditions.
4. Assess the risk of carbon loss through a risk assessment that draws together all data from the selected study sites in a usable map.

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